Why ListenUP! Canada?

Referred by Physicians Over 50,000 Times
It’s an honor to be trusted by your doctors and ENT specialists. We take that level of responsibility seriously and have worked hard to earn it. You can rely on the experts that your doctors recommend.

99% Satisfaction Rate
We survey our clients regularly to ensure satisfaction. Out of over 4,000 respondents, 99% said they were so happy with their care they would refer a friend or loved one to ListenUP! Canada for hearing help. We have to say, that feels pretty good.

Don't Worry, Be Happy Guarantee™
With over 120 convenient clinics throughout Ontario, we’re in your neighborhood and ready to help. The guarantee on our hearing aids includes all the service, rehabilitative support, and everything you need for three years--even the batteries.

Campaign for Better Hearing


We’re a proud supporter of the National Campaign for Better Hearing—an initiative to encourage all Canadians 60 years and over to get their hearing tested. By donating $2 for every hearing test performed at ListenUP! Canada, we are helping to provide free hearing aids for those in financial hardship. We’re happy to have helped the campaign raise over $100,000 and provide free hearing aids to 20 people in 2015. The $250,000 goal for 2016 is lofty but achievable with your help. You can join the campaign by simply coming in to ListenUP! Canada for a FREE hearing test. Then get your friends to come too! Remember: Test Your Ears at 60 Years!

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3 Easy Steps to Better Hearing

Join the thousands of people who improved their hearing health, brain health—even the health of their relationships—with hearing aids today.

A thorough hearing test is the first step. It’s quick, painless, and FREE. Request a test below, and we will contact you to schedule your no-obligation test and consultation.

Fill out this form to book your FREE hearing test at a clinic near you. Your friends will thank you. YOU will thank you.

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Find out whether hearing aids can help you, and then go ahead! Make the choice to take action. Hearing better could make all the difference.

Your thorough but painless hearing test will identify whether you could be helped by hearing aids
In consultation with your hearing professional, you’ll select the hearing aids that best fit your loss, lifestyle, and budget
When your hearing aids are ready they’ll be expertly programmed and fitted to your ears and your needs

Now that you’re hearing better, celebrate hearing with us and the Campaign For Better Hearing by posting what you love to hear on Instagram using the hashtag #whatdoyouhear.

The right hearing aid for you.

Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and with different levels of functionality. From basic to premium, the goal of every good hearing health professional is to fit the hearing aid to the hearing loss, lifestyle and budget of the client. As the matrix below shows, you could rejoin the conversation for less than a daily cup of coffee. Now that’ll get your morning started right.
Lifestyle Features Entry Level
Quiet Home Activities
Conversation (One Person)
Conversation (Small Group)
Religious Gathering
Quiet Restaurant
Shopping/Public Places
Large Party/Busy Restaurant
Sporting Events
*Prices are per device based on 3 years of ownership and after Ontario government funding