Trusted Hearing Care In Brampton

7980 Kennedy Road South
Brampton ON
L6W 3R2 Canada


Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Practitioners at this Location:
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson

About Our Brampton Office

We are located at 7980 Kennedy Road South Brampton, ON L6W 0B2 at the intersection of Kennedy & Steeles in Brampton. Free Parking is available. We have been operating and servicing our patients right in the heart of Brampton for over 10 years.

Benefit from complimentary hearing tests, free estimates, great promos, knowledgeable and professional specialists & staff, government funding to all Cdn. Health card holders, brand name customized high tech hearing aids. We are affiliated with many community local services such as: CARP, Air Miles, Teachers Assoc., PVC, & more. Don't Worry be Happy!

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Why ListenUP! Canada?

Referred by Physicians Over 60,000 Times
It’s an honor to be trusted by your doctors and ENT specialists. We take that level of responsibility seriously and have worked hard to earn it. You can rely on the experts that your doctors recommend.
99% Satisfaction Rate

We survey our clients regularly to ensure satisfaction. Out of over 4,000 respondents, 99% said they were so happy with their care they would refer a friend or loved one to ListenUP! Canada for hearing help. We have to say, that feels pretty good.

Don't Worry, Be Happy Guarantee™
With over 120 convenient clinics throughout Ontario, we’re in your neighborhood and ready to help. The guarantee on our hearing aids includes all the service, rehabilitative support, and everything you need for three years--even the batteries.